The Making of My Christmas Tabletops – part 2 | DIY

christmas pink and red baroque country

My second tabletop is easier and faster to assemble. For that reason, I will explain my design choices in this post.

Baubles in a glass vase were popular this year. I could have used a taller vase but I like that we see the top ornaments without interference.

I bought several large uniquely shaped baubles in pink, burgundy and moss green. I gathered them inside a glass vase on a bed of tiny gold and copper baubles. I also placed the remaining of my Acrylic ornaments by FERM Living around the vase. They were baroque leaves and motifs in red, pink, lilac and bright green.

Because we were at the cottage, I opted for artificial silver and black branches instead of a floral arrangement. Honestly, it was too high when we were sitting at the table. So I replaced it with a trio of large decorative baubles that unfortunately we did not photograph.

Bead garlands unite the vignette and add glitters to the tabletop. I am a huge fan of bead garlands. The snowman tree ornament was a last minute addition from the Dollar store. I got compliments for my snowman. From my experience, you can incorporate one or two well chosen items from the Dollar store if you splurged on the rest of your table. It is a matter of proportions, the light level and the time that the people will look at them.

For this scheme, I departed from Christmas theme napkins. The artichoke pattern linked everything to the darker green hue of the holly rimmed plates. The shape similarity between an artichoke and the pink pine cone bauble was another key factor in my decision.

This post concludes my Christmas 2007 reports.