The Making of a Drink Station for a Party

how to set up a bar station

Friday night, we hosted a big bash at my house to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful husband. I will cover the party elements over a few posts.

I am starting this series with the drink station. We served a buffet style meal. We knew that our friends would prefer drinking wines. We also prepared a pitcher of vodka with cranberry juice.

How to Reproduce that Look?

I used my outdoor kitchen cart that I bought at IKEA a few years ago. It is ideal as a bar station because it has a stainless steel top. With condensation and drink spills, you need to protect the wood surfaces, if you used them. The bottom shelf is perfect to store backup party supplies or to keep nearby things that we will use later.

I made my own ice buckets using two wine boxes that I bought at the SAQ for $5 each. What a deal considering that the wood boxes are reusable. We placed a big cat litter plastic bag inside to protect against leakage and fill the boxes with ice cubes. Voilà!

If you are doing a formal event, consider the Hotel collection at Pottery Barn. It is affordable plus it comes in several formats and shapes.

+ Hotel Oversized Bucket – $189 USD at Pottery Barn
+ Hotel Champagne Bucket – $79 USD
+ Hotel Double Wine Cooler – $89 USD