The Latest Trend in Bar: Speakeasy Can Inspire Your Next Party

pdt - please don\'t tell bar in East Village, New York

The latest trends in bar seems is inspired by the era of Prohibition. It is not surprising since it was a period where cocktails flourished. The bartenders of the time have to be resourceful and use all their talent to concoct something delicious with the spirit quality of the time.

With mixologists returning to the basics and experimenting again with fresh ingredients, it seems like a natural fit that some bars play on the nostalgia of the Prohibition era. Several bars have emerged across the United States. And you have to look where they are because they do not exhibit big neon signs to attract you inside.

Several concepts are used to make these bars feel underground. Each bar developed its own trick. When you make a reservation at Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco, you will be given a password to whisper at the door. I am going to SF at the end of the month, I will plan a visit to see what Bourbon & Branch is all about. Let’s hope my experience will be worthy of a post.

At PDT (Please don’t Tell) in East Village, you have to pass through a secret door at the back of Crif Dogs. You must enter a phone booth to identify yourself so they can buzz you inside the bar. It is the cocktail-lounge annex to Crif Dogs, a hip hot dog restaurant in New York.

I thought these are easy think to reproduce at a party. It would add something special.

Spreading the word locally

The Lab, here in Montreal, plays a low key version. The touch is visible through the bartender outfits and the theme of their special event. The Lab is owned by friends of mine; they are excellent at what they do.

+ Review on New York Magazine
+ Via New York Times

  • DeAnna
    June 5, 2009 at 14:18

    Thanks! I am going to Paso Roble this weekend and decided to search speakeasy for there because of your post. Level Four on Park St. sounds very fun – I’ll let you know!

  • Jennifer Mitchell
    June 5, 2009 at 15:01

    I love an excuse to drink fancy cocktails. I wish someone would open an old-fashioned cocktail club where you sit at little tables around a dance floor and the band plays while someone sings – like Ricky Ricardo’s club. Was it called the Tropicana?