The Landscape Designers of Earth Inc have a show on HGTV

entertaining backyard by earth inc landscape designed for dirty business tv series

Earth Inc. from Toronto is the latest design firm to join the wagon of television. It is a popular trend that grows even more this summer. A glimpse at the TV schedule on HGTV Canada will convince you.

Dirty Business concentrates on the creative elements of building breath-taking, upscale outdoor spaces by this preeminent landscape design firm. We are talking about people with substantial budgets. I watched the fourth episode this week .

About the Show

I feel the show tries to appeal to both men and women. We see the rest of Earth team, James Dale, Joel Loblaw and Lorne Hancock under the leadership of the host, Kennedy McRae. Landscape design requires multidisciplinary skills from landscape architects to plant specialists.

This design firm met in style the biggest change in landscape design over the past few years according to Joel Loblaw. That challenge has been the switch from traditional to modern gardens.

Not Tearing Everything Apart

On the only episode that I watched so far, Summer escape, the host Kennedy McRae installs a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired arbor. Very chic and sleek!

They started with traditional elements that they must integrate within their modern design. I like the fact that they did not tear everything apart. We will never know whether is it solely due to the tight timeline of the project; but it shows that it is possible to accomplish stunning results without starting from scratch.

They worked around the existing kidney shape pool and a traditional stone wall. Adding the modern furniture, painting the existing fence black and softening the fence with lush greenery provide a fresh looking outdoor space.

I still prefer Take it Outside or my all-time favorite, The City Gardener with Matt James. But I am looking forward to the next episodes. I need to see more to form a well informed opinion.

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  • Donna Olson
    January 10, 2010 at 15:20

    I love to garden and love gardening shows of all kinds, but my favorite is dirty business. I would like to leave a message for Kennedy McRae. We have recently purchased a brand new home on Vancouver Island – Nanaimo BC which has zero landscaping done but tons of potential. It would absolutely be a dream if the dirty business team would consider taking on this project before we have to make design decisions on our own.

    PS. We’re musicians and love to play around the campfire also. I’m sure you’re are crazy busy but would love so much to hear from you.

    ciao for now.