The Isak Bread Boards

isak bread board breakfast tabletop

This everyday tabletop is refreshing. It shows that you can be playful and look refined at the same time. The look is ideal for serving lunch or breakfast to your family.

isak bread board tabletop

They are more reasons why I am showing you this product. I associate multiple purposes with sustainability and space saving. With smaller city homes, more people are looking for double-duty objects. The Isak Breadboard can  become a placemat, a trivet to protect your table for the heat, a cheese board or a cutting board. And did I mention that they look great. Plus, the laminated compressed wood of the Isak Breadboard are harvested in sustainable Scandinavian forests.

isak bread board tote bag

The two patterns, Landsby and Leaf, work well together. Each breadboard comes packed in a reusable 100% cotton tote bag. It is practical for picnic or if you are really fancy when you bring your lunch.

+ Isak Bread Board, Landsby or Leaf $40 USD
+ Isak Landsby Bread board £22
+ Iittala Kartio Small, Stained Glass £11 for a set of 2 glasses
+ Iittala Kartio Tumbler $17 USD for 2