The highs and lows of serving drinks when throwing a party

The highs and lows of serving drinks when throwing a party

Whether is for a cocktail party or a dinner with friends, serving your drinks in style is a must. So I seek out for you great glassware on the Web.

Whimsical Danish Swivel Cognac Glasses

The first one is for serving cognac or brandy. Designed by Rikke Hagen for Normann Copenhagen in 2004, the attention to bouquet, temperature and volume increases the experience of intimacy when drinking cognac.

The unusual shape will grab people attention. It is whimsical and chic at the same time. To serve aperitif and digestive liquors, you can get the smaller model.

A set of 2 stem-less swivel cognac glasses costs about $50 USD. You can buy them from Illums Bolighus (Royal Shopping), a Copenhagen store. I also saw them on Marie & Charles Epicurean Delights store.

Two-piece martini glass keeps your drink cool

Based on the same serving idea of my O Riedel story, I dig out the Clio Martini Glass at Crate & Barrel for $9.95 each. Swank Martini Company sells a set of 4 Chillin’ – Martini Glasses for $35 USD – they are the ones on the picture. Both look the same. I prefer the Chillin’ – Martini Glasses because they are dishwasher safe. Although I would be careful to securely rest the glasses in the dishwasher.

These glasses are not just for serving martinis. You can serve cold soups, caviar and more. If you are still making them, you can even throw the old-fashioned shrimp cocktails in these cool glasses. Sorbets and ice creams will stay cold longer in a hot sunny day with this technique.

Casual cocktail party accessories by Fred & friends

Finally, I got you stuff your fun casual cocktails. Fred & Friends is a company that specializes in funky accessories for your home, table, kitchen, office and party. The Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glass Maker is a handy arsenal of entertainers. At only $6.99 USD for a 4-shooter pure food-grade silicone maker, you can afford to buy 2 or 3 packs.

Make many ice shot glasses in advance. If you think outside the box, the ice shot glass can be used to serve bite food as well. You can freeze juice or add tiny bites of food or herbs to the water for more decorative effects.

Casual cocktail party accessories by Fred & friends

At your party, put the shooters in a cute ice bucket so they stay frozen longer. Take either a square low side glass box or a galvanized aluminum low flower vase to make a stylish modern ice bucket. They look great for outdoor cocktails.

Also from Fred & friends, ice cube makers come in several shapes. Cool Jewels, a set of precious stones are a girl’s best friends. A sweet addition if you are planning a teenager girl birthday party and a bachelorette party. The three-dimensional precious stone ice cubes are even more appropriate when a jewelry making session is on your party activity list.

Get the Cool Jazz kit, a guitar trio ice maker for when you have guests over for a jam session. The Beer Bands and the Wine Lines are handy to keep an eye on where you put your own drink. There are four styles of label messages.

The faux spill OOPS! bottle opener will have your friends question themselves for a second about what they are seeing. Have a race to find out who is the quickest to grab the bottle opener? Fred & friends is also little joke stuff.

That it is for my latest high and low options for serving drinks at your next cocktail events.

Buy online: Cognac / Brandy Glasses designed by Rikke Hagen for Normann Copenhagen at Illums Bolighus online store
Buy online: Swivel Cognac Glass on Charles & Marie shop
Buy online: Clio Martini Glass at Crate & Barrel
Buy online: Set of 4 Chillin’ – Martini Glasses at Swank Martini Company
Learn more: Fred Party Collection on Fred & Friends Web site

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