The Green Challenge and Unite for Environment Blog Action Day

I was challenged by Lucky Designs last Tuesday but since I was out of town, I decided to respond to the Green Challenge at the same time as the Blog Action Day for Environment. A two for one.

The best way to participate in Blog Action Day is to post on your blog something that relates to the environment.

The Green Challenge

This is: What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life? I decided to tell you what I do relating to entertaining.

  • I carry a folded shopping tote bag in my purse so I always have it with me.
  • I bought a Two Bottle byobag by Built NY and a Reisenthel Bottle Bag (9 bottles) that I used for wine shopping. The Built NY byobag is very handy to bring wines at external parties.
  • I always use real dinnerware, glassware and table linens when entertaining. Once in a blue moon, I must confess that I used paper napkins to add decorative patterns to my tabletop. But since I never use disposable tableware beside that, I think I can get away with this infraction.
  • I buy gift wrap papers and ribbons in commercial sized rolls. I made my own bows with tissue ribbons. You can make your own signature gift wraps. They look more special and nothing goes to waste. And you fell good knowing that you create less waste in packaging and unusable small pieces.
  • I make my own salad dressing the old fashioned way: in a bowl with a whisk. This way I do not use electricity and do not throw away lots of commercial bottles. My mother taught me that trick.
  • I buy my household products in large containers at Costco and opt for the ultra concentrate formulas. Again, the idea is to produce less waste through packaging.
  • Announcement: I am launching an eco-chic party and stylish green living weekly column. Stay tuned! The first post will be next Wednesday.

wwf panda logo

Take action with the WWF

If you wish to donate money for the protection of environment, I encourage you to support your national chapter of World Wife Foundation (WWF Canada). WWF works hard so that Humans, animals and the Earth coexist in harmony.

Bloggers that I am inviting to take the Green Challenge

I challenge these five bloggers to tell us about their environmentally friendly behaviors on a daily basis?

Jennifer of Design Hole – Her favorite holiday is Arbor Day

Bettina for Inside My Artist’s Studio – Bettina Forget is a talented painter with mostly astronomical themes. She is also an avid hobby astronomer

Janick of Blogue Fonetik Blog – A jewelry creator from my home town

Lana of Lana Stewart blog – She is a talented custom invitation and stationery designer from Ottawa

Eden of Bargainista – If you want to stay current on the best deals in Toronto, you will not want to miss reading Bargainista

  • lucky designs
    October 15, 2007 at 13:21

    I can’t wait to read the new weekly column!

  • Laurie Burke
    October 15, 2007 at 19:14

    Love your ideas.
    I accept the challenge!
    Starting with my own backyard, please see my post about eco-friendly benches. An enlightening tale of finding the best alternatives to endangered rain forest woods.

    Then, in my house, I have switched to CFL’s, and when shopping I use my canvas totes. Plus I have been a recycling for just forever.

  • Kamiel Verwer
    January 11, 2008 at 09:31

    Well, we too feel good about the fact that so many bloggers take the environment serious. They might get encouraged even more by our cartoons and poetic variations on the Green Theme.


  • cooler choice
    November 16, 2008 at 04:55

    great idea i run a environmental blog myself if everyone just made one small contribution to our environment the world would be a better place nice post keep up the good work