The Gift of Giving with the Doves of Hope Campaign

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During the holiday season, we are solicited to help the least fortunate ones. Besides helping the poor, there is another group that needs our support, cancer patients and their families. These patients — and the family members who take care of them — would prefer to enjoy holiday celebrations rather than go to the hospital for treatments during the holiday. With a simple gesture, you can tell them that they are not alone in the fight against cancer. Your support gives them strength.

The Doves of Hope Campaign

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone, young or old, poor or rich, whether you have been good or naughty this year. Cancer patients and parents talked, in this video, about how cancer has changed their lives forever. I was touched when I heard this mom tells how it comforted her to see the dove in memory of her 22 years old son, who died of brain cancer. You know that it can happen to everyone.

doves of hope atrium display

Because you need to heal the body and mind, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation launched 10 years ago the Doves of Hope campaign. The campaign gives patients and their families tremendous hope during their journey with cancer in two ways.

First, you tell cancer patients and their families that you care by dedicating a dove. They have a simple online app for decorating your dove. Cancer patients and their families can feel the love from your dedicated doves in the atrium of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and their online Dove Gallery.

The second part is through voluntary donations made to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Your donations are used for research, equipment, improving patient care and their comfort during their journey. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer centers in the world. Therefore, funding this hospital can make a difference for everyone touched by cancer.

Here is my dove of hope!

dove of hope
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Over 55,000 Doves of Hope have been dedicated to people touched by cancer. This year, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation hopes to have 11,000 Doves of Hope dedicated to loved ones. Dedicate yours right now at DoveofHope.ca.

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  • rebecca
    December 5, 2012 at 08:16

    what a wonderful cause. thank you for reminding us to think of others in this busy time of year!