The Exceptional Smushies at Café Royal in Copenhagen for my Gastronomic Wednesday

rud christiansen owner of cafe royal

A 300-year old tradition got a makeover at the Café Royal in Copenhagen. The Danish smørrebrød was invented in Denmark when poor people could not afford two pieces of bread. Later, as people get more money the smørrebrød became more complex. It is a popular lunch dish. Do not be surprised of you do not see the bread anymore on the traditional smørrebrød.

Basically, the smørrebrød is an open-faced sandwich. It is often made with dark rye bread and the condiments are nicely assembled in layers. Although there are a wide variety of smørrebrød, tradition in Denmark dictates was goes with what and in which order. They took their smørrebrød seriously. There is a 3 years and a half school program to master the art of making smørrebrøds.

smushies open-faced sandwiches at cafe royal

But Rud Christiansen, the owner and founder of the Royal Café in Copenhagen, wanted to broke the rules and played with the dish. He decided to reduce the size of the smørrebrød and to explore new ingredient pairing. He called his finger-sized open-faced sandwiches Smushi; in reference to sushi.

The presentation at the smushi at Café Royal is sublime. I would love to smushies at my next tea party. Plus the interior design of the Café Royal is a treat by itself. I marked Café Royal as a must-see place.

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