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The Burger Goes Stylish

chic hamburger in paris :: photos by ed alcock for the new york times

Serving burgers is so common that the stylish hostess is always on the lookout to elevate the basic recipe. Using a better cheese or changing the condiments is one way to go. Now the French Chefs are playing with the burger recipes.

Eating Habits

I still see many European who immigrated in Canada eating their hot sandwich or their burger with utensils. It feels strange. I must confess that I eat warm submarines with my knife and fork at home because it is less messy. But burgers and French fries are finger food. For their comfort, I provide two large napkins to every guest when we serve hamburgers.

Burgers are Turning Chic on the New York Times

This is why I enjoyed reading an article from the New York Times. It explains how the French Chefs are reinventing this American dish. My husband is cooking our version of the Café Salle Pleyel Burger tonight. I will talk about it if we like it. But I can tell you that it smells good in the house.

Food Presentation

Without regard to the recipes, one thing that the French Chefs can teach us is how to better plate the burgers. I am showing three easy ways. The top pictures rely on restaurant style plates where you can fit the bowls. The second way puts the French fries in a handmade paper cone. Both are pretty straightforward to do but they look great.

The last food presentation looks more elaborate. You can go a step further by dressing up your outdoor table with a fine tablecloth. To stay true to the classics, start with oversized sesame hamburger bread and cut the bread as a rectangle or a square. Prepare a matching format Angus steak patty. Voilà!

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