The best of the International Home and Housewares Show 2008

fig emily henry flametop : chef'n plam peeler : juicester citrus juicer : manual food processor

I followed the International Home and Housewares Show 2008 in Chicago mostly through the eyes of The Kitchn. From what I have seen so far, these cooking tools are my favorites.

Emily Henry’s Flame-Top Collection in Figue

I told you earlier about the Urban Colors for the oven and tableware collection of Emile Henry. Take a look at the Flame-Top line in figue (fig). It is so cute. The rich purple color of Figue mixes nicely with the Granny, Litchi (pink) and Muscade (nutmeg).

Kitchen Gadgets by Chef’n

Manual kitchen tools are the new frontier for green living. They use fewer parts, are smaller and do not consume electrical powers. If your kids enjoy cooking with you, they are less dangerous to handle. But young children should never be left alone when they help you in the kitchen.

The Chef’n Palm Peeler is an interesting cooking preparation gadget. Apparently, people who are less agile or have less strength will find the Palm Peeler easier to handle. The strength of your entire hand is transferred to the palm peeler making it easier to peel hard skin fruits and vegetables.

You can extract the juice, measure and catch both pulp and seeds in one step with the Juicester Citrus Juicer. If you have a small electric juicer that is showing its age, this is a great replacement option.

For our day to day cooking, a small food processor can save us time. Chef’n proposes a model that reminds me of the Starfrit Manual food processor that I own. I stopped using mine because I lost the handle. You can watch the demonstration video of Chef’n Manual Food Processor filmed by The Kitchn.

This rotating power is similar to pull spinning handle of the older Zyliss salad spinners. From 10 years experience with my Zyliss salad spinner, I can tell you that if you retract extremely hard, it is possible that the cord gets disconnected. To avoid that, simply put the cord between two fingers so you can always stop the cord in case of emergency. It may sound confusing right now but you should understand the process if you try it.

Buy online: Chef’n Palm Peeler at – price: $4.99 USD
Buy online: Chef’n Juicester Citrus Juicer at – price: $14.99 USD
Via: Fresh Colors from France: Emile Henry’s Figue Clay Pots on The Kitchn
Via: Video: Manual Food Processor from Chef’n on The Kitchn
Via: Chef’n Palm Peelet on The Kitchn