The Best of Bon Appetit January 2009

my best of Bon Appetit January 2009 issue :; country pate and peanut butter desserts

Bon Appetit starts the year with a Value Issue. It is filled with eat better for less recipes. Here are some cool ideas for casual dinner parties and middle of the week get-togethers.

Country Pate

Impress your friends next time you hosted a wine cocktails by serving only homemade paté de campagne (country pate) and mousse. It is really easy to make and only require a few minutes of your times. The rest is resting period. Use my 2-minute smoked salmon recipe; it literally takes 2 minutes to prepare.

French people and I eat paté de campagne for a small dinner or lunch. The technique used on Bon Appetit is similar to how Laura Calder used in her cooking show. We all agree that additional fat is a must when you are making paté de campagne.

Peanut Dessert Trends

I love eating all types of nuts. I am thrilled to see hear that peanut butter desserts are back in fashion. If you are not allergic, it is a crime not to cook or bake with an ingredient that is full of nutriments and taste so good.

There is a decadent peanut butter cheesecake with caramelized banana. I kind of thing the layer of caramelized banana may be too rich. But the chocolate cake with milk chocolate-peanut butter frosting and peanut butter brittle.

Plus check the take on peanut butter and jelly with their shortbread wedges a cool idea to finish a breakfast brunch and for a casual tea party. Luckily for us, Bon Appetit published online the recipes of 6 peanut butter desserts.

+ paté de campagne: Photograph by Misha Gravenor for Bon Appetit
+ peanut butter desserts: Photograph by José Picayo for Bon Appetit