The Art of Refined Repetitions | Design Lesson

my valentine\'s day tulips and design rules

As I was assembling my photo board of my Valentine’s Day private event, it became clear that this board illustrates a fundamental design principle.

My regular readers probably know by now that I strive for mixing and matching. I prefer subtle themes.

One of the easiest tricks to achieve cohesion is to repeat the same elements applied on a different way. The repeating elements should be naturally integrated into your design to be successful. In short, it should not be obvious.

I will move back and forth between how I celebrated Valentine’s Day and my design lesson.

The Story behind My Bouquet

I have to thank my caring husband for giving me this modish bouquet. I am sure that the bouquet had my name written all over me because it is so much my style. My husband had several meetings yesterday so he stopped by my favorite florist at the end of the day.

As he was realizing that they were no more tulips left, my favorite flower, a girl got off the fridge with this fabulous bouquet. He immediately asked the girl: Can I have this one? I am looking for tulips and you are out.

Repeating Colors

If you read my blog yesterday, you are aware that we planned to drink Brut Rosé Champagne. I bought a delicious strawberry mousse cake at the French bakery. My color scheme was pink-copper from the Champagne, plus the red, soft pink and French vanilla from the cake.

The Universe was with us. It supplied my husband with a bouquet done on the same color palette. He and I are a match made for heaven. 🙂

I want to teach you that designing an amazing tabletop starts with great bones and a clear overall concept. The accessories must be selected because they fit within the overall concept. Great designs mix form and function. Matching the food and the decor is a neat trick.

Repeating Shapes

Loops and ovals are omnipresent on my design. I got 3D loops with the branches while my dessert plates displayed 2D loops. The ovals appeared on several angles. The fact that the shapes do not appear all the same adds an element of surprise.

It is a balancing act. What you need to watch for is that your guests will not get tired to see the same shape over and over.

More about My Celebrations

We ate sushi last night but we ended up eating at the restaurant. Where we go, take outs are not their main function. Typically, it is a 20-minute wait when we order take outs. Since the wait was longer yesterday night, we sat at the sushi bar to sip cold sake and eat our miso soup. By the time they started preparing our sushi order in front of us, we decided to eat the rest at the restaurant.

Anyway, I did photograph the best for you when we returned. I did a vignette on my dressing room / home office developed around the circles. I will show it to you in the upcoming weeks.