The Art of Downsizing and Renovating

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Lately, I wish to update my home décor. I still like my furniture for the most part. By changing the accessories, you can totally redo a room. By for now, my first challenge will be our new office. We will be moving since our space is now too big for our needs.

I still not have finished the design of my home office. Besides being too busy, what is stopping me is that I must remove some furniture. But I cannot decide which ones. I like them all.

We watch on TV shows and read on magazines the liberating effect of removing the clutter in our space. When you buy stuff, the key is to opt for things you really like. For furniture, this also means buying the best quality you can afford.

In terms of housing, downsizing makes sense in our quest for a simple life. The more space you have, the more waste of space you will experience. Challenging spaces force us to be more creative in finding solutions. This is why the most cleverly designed interiors are often small spaces.

With the current economic situations, many people will have no choice but to downsize. See downsizing as an opportunity to examine what is really important to you. Does living in the suburbs where you need two cars is the best lifestyle model? Can you renovate your house to get what is missing instead of moving to a bigger house?


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