Test Tubes for Halloween

test tube rack for halloween

Lat year, I introduced the Test Tube Favor Kit by Martha Stewart. A reader asked me where to get something similar since Martha Stewart is out of stock.

You can easily reproduce the look. Creating labels is easy. The hardest thing is to find a proper rack. You can empty your tube spice rack. So I went on a hunt for the necessary equipment. So here are pretty cool suggestions to assemble your own kit.

+ For techkies, there is the Bubbling Test Tubes – price: $19.99 USD
+ For an old-fashioned look, opt for Wooden School Test Tube Rack Spice Holder Biology Physics Laboratory Style – price: $18.94 USD
+ Under the dimmed lights nobody will notice the white plastic of the Plastic Test Tube Rack – price: $6.50 USD
+ If you do not mind the yellow caps, the Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack has everything at $5.95 for 6 tubes with caps and the rack.

So I hope this helps you. I will keep my eyes open until Halloween for more sources.

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