Tastespotting watch | Sunday family dinner menu

sunday dinner menu inspired by Tastespotting

When I was young, the Sunday night was a more formal dinner affair at my home.

A Sunday family dinner is a worthwhile ritual that brings everyone closer together. It is the perfect time to have uninterrupted discussions. Schedule one for next Sunday and see the benefits.

We can all enjoy a casual yet stylish meal with our family or friends. I composed this seasonal dinner menu out of recipes featured on Tastespotting.

Since this is not an everyday dinner, why not starts the meal with an aperitif?

The first courses

You can serve a salad followed by a fish appetizer.

The entrée

Because it is supposed to be your day off, do not be afraid to take the bests within the comfort food repertoire.

The dessert

Who could resist a Chocolate Pistachio Fudge?