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    HemDing and ChipChopSliceServe by Thorsten Van Elten

    HemDing and ChipChopSliceServe :: thorsten van elten tabletop

    If you are looking for serving ware with a fun attitude, look no further than Thorsten Van Elten to deliver the unique edge. These will set the tone of your party.

    The new HemDing is a platter/fruit bowl made from a porcelain platter and a solid wood spade handle. It reminds us that our food comes from the farm.

    The humor continues with the net and the ping-pong ball packaging of the ChipChopSliceServe. The form of cutting board is perfect to carry the food from the board to the pots and pans. I like to bring that as a hostess gift for a stay at the cottage.

    + HemDing designed by Andreas Fabian new handle £109, vintage handle £125
    + ChipChopSliceServe designed by Michael Marriott £15