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    How to plan a Victorian Gothic feast for Halloween?

    dutch floral arrangement technique

    Halloween is a celebration for kids but grownups can have their fun too. Instead of a typical party costume party, why not organize a Victorian Gothic bash this year?

    Everyone can dress up nicely. You can host a formal dinner or opt for the food station formula. The 2007 October issue of Martha Stewart’s Living proposes wonderful ideas for decorating your space.

    To not be stressed out, you can start planning your Halloween event soon. At least, send a Save the Date note to your friends.

    Making our own floral arrangement

    Going Dutch teaches you how to reproduce a floral display reminiscent of the seventeenth-century master gardener.

    I am aware that it is before the Victorian era, but I think both styles complement each other. Since Halloween party is about the paranormal, there is no harm done in mixing periods.

    One trick to save money and space if you put the floral arrangement against the wall is to leave the back bare.

    How to create a sideboard Victorian Gothic tableau for Halloween?

    The sideboard vignette clearly stated that it is an adult event. Luminous carved and etched pumpkins, traditional wine decanters, pewter serving ware, stands with fresh fruits and nuts are the key elements.

    carved and etched pumpkins Victorian gothic partycarved and etched pumpkins Victorian gothic vignette

    You can visit antiquaries, countryside markets and specialized boutiques to find pewter and other metal serving ware. Otherwise, you can rent them. But displaying several large pieces is crucial to achieve this look. If the style of your sideboard does not fit, get a neutral damask or vintage linen tablecloth to camouflage your sideboard.

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