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    Introducing the Mini Cucumbers by Savoura

    mini cucumbers by savoura

    You probably noticed the trends towards miniature vegetables. Chefs like to use them. They are cute and make it easier to plate your dish.

    Savoura, the brand that brought us the delicious tomatoes on the vine and the cocktail tomatoes, is launching a new product. This cucumber variety is unique to Quebec and exclusive to Savoura in Canada. They remind me of Lebanese cucumbers but a lot smaller. The mini cucumbers are harvested once they reached 10 centimeters (4 inches).

    mini cucumbers with very tiny seeds

    I have the pleasure to taste them. My friend Michelle Sullivan sent me the free samples (see photo for content) through its client, Savoura. I like it. The pale flesh is crisp with the tininess seeds. In fact, you do not taste the seed. The skin is thin and mild to the taste. I bet that they will become favorite for a crudité platter. I know I will use them from now on sice it looks better and is simpler to prepare.

    You can find the Savoura’s mini cucumbers at grocery stores across Canada (I think) in 2 formats: the lunch bag containing 3 miniature cucumbers for a little snack and a 8-cucumber packet.

    + Savoura – their Web site has not been updated to include the mini cucumbers.