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    Catinet by UrbanCat Design

    catinet inside urban cat

    catinet inside urban cat

    If there’s one thing that can ruin an otherwise stylish space, it’s the sight of a litter box in the corner of the room.

    European-based Urban Cat Design have developed a clean and clean-lined solution with the Catinet. This cabinet not only hides your cat’s litter box, helping to reduce litter tracking throughout the home, but provides additional storage for pet supplies. An open side entrance ensures the litter box is still accessible for your cat.

    catinet inside details

    Because the design company is based in Europe, the Catinet likely won’t be an affordable option for North American cat owners due to shipping costs. As an alternative, consider modifying a standard base cabinet or modular unit – available at Ikea and other home improvement stores – to create something similar for your furry friend.

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