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    Plait Textiles Brings Hand-woven Beauty to Your Table

    hand-woven napkins and runners by plait textiles

    I planned to discuss something else until I got a Facebook wall message by Janick of Creativadoration. Amongst other things, Janick informed me that she posted something this morning that I will probably like. Janick was right.

    These napkins are lovely. The pictures by Jennifer Causey make these table textiles even more desirable. It was the perfect way to wake up.

    The Secret Behind Plait Textiles

    With savory names like Chocolate Wasabi, Cherry Clafoutis, Salted Raisins and Salted Caramel, Plait Textiles stimulates our appetite.

    Designer Jennifer Pellman is the artist-designer behind Plait Textiles. Jennifer hand made 100% cotton napkins and table runners from her home studio in Madison, Wisconsin.

    This graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art and the University of Illinois School of Architecture creates table linens with a rustic charm.

    The 22-inch square napkins are big enough to be used as placemats. The table runners from her standard collection are 18-inch wide and you select the length, up to 8 feet. You can also select your own colors as long as you order at least 12 napkins.

    One particularity of Plait textiles is that every piece features the natural selvedges, a characteristic rarely left as a finished edge in commercial textiles.

    Face to Face

    I am an adapt of Face to Face, which are typically 24 to 30-inch wide. Since I do not know if there is an English word for it, let me explain what is a Face to Face. I discovered it at Arthur Quentin, an upscale French style tableware store in Montreal.

    Face to Face covers the table corridor made by sitting in front of each other. Thus, it runs perpendicular to a table runner. I am planning to get a set soon, so I will be able to show you.

    Plait Textiles could custom made one for you since the maximum fabric width for custom made is 44 inches.

    >>> Sourcing:
    Buy online: Set of 4 napkins by Plait on etsy – price: $120 USD
    Buy online: Table runner by Plait on etsy – price: $28 USD per foot
    Learn more: Plait Textiles
    Photo credits: Jennifer Causey – rights reserved
    Via: Plait [Creativadoration]