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    Make your own Happy Pills Candy favor for a Mad Scientist Halloween party

    Mad Scientist DIY party favor : happy pills

    I have been obsessed about the Happy Pills Candy shop since this morning.

    It gave me the idea of a DIY party favor to seal trendily my Mad Scientist party. It is trivial to give candy party favors at Halloween, so be original with the containers.

    What do you need for this DIY project?

    • An assortment of pharmaceutical jars. The brown ones fit better into the Mad Scientist party theme. If you cannot get a hold on pharmaceutical jars, opt for the basic spice jars and attach a dark poisonous label to look more macabre.
    • A box of printable sticker labels at the office supply store.
    • A color printer and a program to design your labels. You can also go at the art & craft store. They should have on stock lots of patterned labels. Simply handwrite the text on the decorative labels with a large black pen.

    Affix warning stickers with phrases like Can be dangerous for your waistline or Can increase your visits to the dentist. When you buy the jars, select the one with a wider opening. Try to bring a sample of your jars with you when you go to the candy store to make sure everything fits together.

    Those should be a hit. I am sure your guests will remember your Halloween candy party favors for years to come.

    What is the experience at the real Happy Pills shop?

    You enter the narrow shop to be greeted by a long wall filled with gummy candies of all varieties. You pick what size prescription bottle you want and fill the bottle up to your liking. You seal the bottle with a tamper-proof cap and add the label that best suits your mood. The labels are in Spanish or in English.

    A post by MoCo Loco from this summer supplied the insights for my shopping guide at Happy Pills shop. If you take a trip to Barcelona, you will find this small shop next to the Architecture College.

    Buy online: Pharmaceutical Round Plastic Jars, Pet at
    Buy online: Glass Spice Jars at
    Via: BCN: Happy Pills on MoCo Loco