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    Get Organized: Jewelry Organizing Ideas and DIYs

    jewelry diy cake stand tennis racket organization

    jewelry shadow box rake organization

    It’s funny how spending more time inside during winter months can fill you with the urge to purge, clean and organize. Of course, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by a growing list of projects and to-dos, and even easier to sweep that list under the rug (that so badly needs airing out).

    Starting small is the key to tackling all the cluttered nooks and crannies of your home – like your gorgeous collection of baubles, sitting not-so-pretty in a tangled pile on your dresser, or scattered in bedroom and bathroom drawers.

    We’ve rounded up a few DIY ideas to get your accessories organized – all artful displays designed to help you appreciate the little, sparkly things in life.

    In A Shadow Box

    Hanging your jewelry in a hinged shadow-box presents your pretties as a collection, but keeps them accessible. Choose a bold colour of solid fabric as a background so your favourite pieces really pop.

    On A Rake

    We love finding new uses for old things – and this rusty rake turned jewelry hanger is the perfect pairing of rustic and chic. Try this for other accessories too, like small handbags and hats.

    Two Ways to Serve

    jewelry diy cake stand tennis racket organization

    Also in the new uses for old things category: two clever ways to serve up your jewelry collection. DIY cake stands can do double-duty as a catch-all for necklaces and bracelets. Hang earrings from the edge of the upper plate to keep them in pairs.

    The strings on an out-of-use tennis racket are ideal to hang long necklaces (just thread the clasp through) and keep earrings in pairs. Mount the racket it on the wall for an one-of-a-kind and ever-evolving art piece.

    Trays Tranformed

    jewelry organizer typeset tray diy

    Next time you wander past a sad-looking typeset tray that’s been kicked to the curb, take it home to transform it. The multi-sized compartments work wonders for various jewelry types, from cuffs to long earrings. Elbow grease, glue and a little painted Blogger and crafter Tonya Staab turned this tray around with a little elbow grease, glue and paint.

    jewelry organizer diy cutlery tray

    Standard wooden cutlery trays can also work wonders for jewelry. Dress one up with paint, pegs and pretty paper – as Jen from Homemade by Jen did – to make it work for your collection.

    How do you store your accessories? Are they organized and on display, or a tangled web waiting to be sorted?

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