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    Get a Purse Caddy and support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

    purse caddy martha in pink at

    This is a nightmare for the stylish party girl. You go out to a nice restaurant all dressed up. Then it hit you. Where to put the spectacular handbag that you wear for the first time?

    The dilemma

    Etiquette is strong about that. If you want to show good manner, you never put a purse on the table.

    Leaving your purse on the floor is not a viable option. You will feel uncomfortable if you lay your purse on your lap out of fear of sliding down. You cannot hang it in good conscience on the back of the chair; people can bump to it or you check every minute to see that nobody took it.

    What can you do? This impossible question is solved with the purse hook.

    What is the purse caddy?

    Think of it as a hanger or a hook for your purse. It keeps your handbag clean and out of harm’s way. It can also hold your umbrella. The Purse Caddy fits nicely into your tiniest going out handbag. Apparently, this was popular in the 1930s.

    I am glad that it made a comeback. I found several stores on the Web that sell purse hangers. But frankly many models screamed old ladies or tacky for my taste.

    That was until I came across Martha in Pink with its trendy girl illustration. I finally made the plunge and bought it online at Gone Shopping this afternoon. I will tell you more about it once I properly tested mine. Gone Shopping ships in Canada and the continental United States.

    Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

    For the month of October, for each Purse Caddy – Martha in Pink sold, Gone Shopping will donate $5.00 from each sale to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, an non profit organization continually looking for a cure to breast cancer.

    The mirror with crystals is also cute but you will not support the CBCF if you opt for that one.

    Buy online: Purse Caddy – Martha in Pink at Gone Shopping – price: $25 CAD
    Learn more: Web site of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation