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    Postfossil at the DMY International Design Festivals Berlin 2009

    postfossil at dmy berlin 2009

    Today starts the 7th edition of DMY International Design Festival in Berlin. It runs until June 7th, 2009. The event showcases works by internationally acclaimed designers as well as revealing prototypes by young talent. The current edition focuses on design that makes a difference.

    Postfossil is one of the designer group that will exhibit their work. One of the design products the visitors will be able to see is the Fireside companion set Souffleur Ramón designed by Christine Birkhoven.

    postfossil souffleur ramon designed by christine birkhoven

    Souffleur Ramón gave a modern form to the bellow. It is more ecological to use a bellow than to use firelighters. We do not use a firelighter at home. We use wood starters and I happen to have a bellow. But it is nothing as good looking as this modern style wenge wood bellow.

    Doubleface by Postfossil

    postfossil fruit vase and bowl

    Another Postfossil creation that looks amazing is Doubleface, a ceramic and cherry wood Fruit Bowl and Vase. The item served double duty. For example, the wood bottom of the bowl becomes a cutting board. The groove that serves as a guide when assembling the bowl catches the fruit’s juice.
    With the wooden top on the ceramic vase, you get a single flower vase. The washable ceramic base can served many duties as a container.

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