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    A space projector and three cool candle holders by UK Mathmos Lights

    space projector by Mathmos Lights

    I came across Thaw by Mathmos Lights while reading The Notebook blog on Monday.

    This company from United Kingdom sells unique lightning products internationally. Mathmos Lights all share a whimsical touch.

    Setting the mood with Space Projector

    This is a cool affordable gadget, perfect for a dance party. You get everything you need when you buy the Space Projector. The machine and a set of graphics come in the box.

    A variety of young designers draw the graphic packs. You can pick the best styles for your party. Basically, you project on a wall or ceiling with interruptions a moving image up to 1.5 meter wide. Choose between 7 graphic themes and 4 oil wheels. The space projector is available in a translucent or a silver finish.

    If you want to replicate a psychedelic night club atmosphere, get the oil wheel plus several Fluidium lamps. Fluidium is the update of the lava lamp. And revive the spirit of Austin Powers for a night.

    Ice, water and melting process viewed in three candle lights

    Thaw, Flat and Melt candlelights by Mathmos Lights

    What if you decide to play with the nature elemental components? That is a little what Mathmos tried to do with three candlelight designs. They pieces will not pass unnoticed.

    1 | Ice candlelight with Thaw

    You freeze an ice cylinder around the tea candle. It takes 8 hours to freeze the ice structure and about three hours for it to melt.

    With Christmas and the winter season coming in a few months, I suggest you buy them early.

    2 | Water movement and wind simulation effects with Float

    Fill the vase with water. As the candle floats in the water it castes a moving shadow patterns on the surface. I enjoy the dynamic effects.

    3 | Candlelight interconnection with Melt

    Melt is a wax based candle holder system. You can rotate and join together several Melt candle holders to create patterns. Use to your imagination and design flair to create your unique composition for a centerpiece. This may be the less flamboyant of the three candle lights by Mathmos but if you are clever about Melt, the resulting look can be amazing.

    Buy online: Catalogue by Mathmos Lights
    Via: Positively Polar! published on The Notebook