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    Facebook, LinkedIn and the iPhone killed the Rolodex a second time

    people+places set by russell+hazel

    People+Places set may be the coolest Rolodex you can own but on my book, it is not enough to stop the paperless trend.

    When was the last time you used a Rolodex? Even if the trend starts with email software, the advent of the smart phones rendered the Rolodex completely obsolete.

    What It Used to Be

    When I worked as an event designer, I placed business card holder sheets on my cute Russell+Hazel mini-binders with 100% linen cover. It was handy to carry around the list of my favorite caterers and other suppliers between home and the office. I do not use this cute binder anymore. I still love its look but I prefer to move around lightweight with my iPhone.

    This year I wondered whether or not I should renew my red Moleskine pocket Weekly Planner with an integrated notebook. I did it since I often write appointments and I took many notes last year.

    Social Networks Role

    Nowadays almost every business contact that I meet either becomes a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social networks provide us other means to keep in touch. They are often more efficient since we get access to a new range of information.

    The Ultra Mod Rolodex

    It is clear that Russell+Hazel makes the ultimate modern chic Rolodex. Like I commented on The People St. Clair Studio, it is second to none from a visual point of view. The People+Places set comes with kelp or multi-color tabs.

    Sadly for them, I would not spend $56 on something that I will not use. Moreover, I am looking at streamlining my interior. So less is more on my desk. But if you wanted one, the People+Places set would be it.

    + People+Places Set by Russell+Hazel $56
    + Red Moleskine pocket Weekly Planner $12.99 USD
    + Via The People St. Clair Studio