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    How to do the Flaming Orange Zest and the Sapphire Cosmopolitan

    sapphire cosmopolitan by merlin griffiths

    I could not wait so I am publishing the first cocktail recipe. This is the most complicated cocktail recipe that was demonstrated at the Bombay Sapphire event. The difficulty comes from its garnish. It is easy to do once you know how. This bartender’s trick will put your guests in awe for sure. It infuses the room with an exquisite aroma. You first gently hold the orange zest. you can heat a little the zest, without squeezing the zest. Then you squeeze the orange at the last minute as you lit your lighter. Voilà!

    Watch the video where Merlin Griffiths explains the technique. The flamed orange zest is the ultimate garnish for the Cosmopolitan.

    Merlin shows us his ultimate gin Cosmopolitan who goes lighter on the cranberry juice.

    Recipe of the Sapphire Cosmopolitan

    Merlin’s recipe provides a dry, tart and juicy Cosmopolitan. It is different than the drink that we are accustomed to. I will give it a try.

    1. Chill your martini glass by filling it with ice cubes and soda water
    2. In a mixing glass, pour a large measure of  your favorite gin – about 50 ml
    3. A dash of Triple sec or Cointreau – no more than 25 ml
    4. Either squeeze the juice of 3 wedges plus put the wedges in the mixing glass to get the lime oil or squeeze 1/2 a lime
    5. A splash of cranberry juice, put just enough to make the drink blush. The cranberry is there to add color and a little tartness. If you crave for more cranberry, do not go over a large measure
    6. Shake vigorously all the ingredients with ice
    7. Throw the ice from your chilled martini glass
    8. Double strain (use a bar strainer plus a small mesh strainer) to avoid watering your Cosmopolitan
    9. Garnish with a flamed orange peel that you twist.

    Watch the video of Sapphire Cosmopolitan here.