Sweetiepie Caters to your Kid Imagination | NYC restaurant review

banquet style event with comfort food at sweetiepie

New York is a city where you can dare to launch an atypical restaurant. Sweetiepie is an upscale place where the design and the food is set to please both kids and trendy parents. After refreshing the kid furniture and the baby gears industries, new hip parents are starting to invade the restaurant business.

Maman, Bébé et Café was about giving time to parents with newborns to replenish their mind and body. Sweetiepie is about creating a magical place where to eat out with kids.

The Food

Parents of a 6-year old boy, the trendy couple Luke and Julie Janklow launched this venture located in West Village. I read mixed comments on the food, price and services on various Web sites. I could not determine who is right so will have to pay them a visit to be the judge.

But I feel some of the comments are unfair. During the day, there is a 3-course children’s tasting menu at $9.95 with many choices. It is not cheap but it is not excessive either, especially in New York City. Plus looking at the top picture, I like this level of decorum. Sweetiepie seems like an amazing place to host a birthday party for grown ups as well as kids.

One fact remains. I believe there is a need for more family-oriented funky restaurants where your kids can eat a good macaroni and cheese while you savor gravlax with toasts.

The Design Concept behind Sweetiepie

interior views of sweetiepie in west village. new york

One restaurant element where they caught my attention is the décor. Kids must be thrilled to sit there. The bar section and the red banquets are stylish. The place is split in two spaces: the front restaurant and a second room with murals that screamed parties.

The wackiest extravagance is a table placed inside a giant gold birdcage. As an adult, you need the right attitude to enjoy the added attention. Kids must dream to sit there. Imagine doing a tea party.

The vibe amalgamates Alice in Wonderland with the excess of the Marie-Antoinette era. The dessert palette is decadent. Sweetiepie’s signature $75 sundae easily feeds 6 persons.

Sweetiepie delivers plenty of inspirations for designing a one-of-a-kind kid party. There are photos on their Web site to nourish your creativity.

+ Sweetiepie Restaurantget directions p 212.337.3333
19 Greenwich Avenue, New York, New York, United States, 10014

  • Line Atallah
    March 24, 2009 at 11:58

    Nice one Kim. I have to say that in my case, it will be me splurging in macaroni and cheese while my 6 year old son will enjoy gravlax and toast. Don’t ask, he’s born this way 🙂 A 6 years old gourmet.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    March 24, 2009 at 12:04

    Line: My husband was ordering snails at 4 years old. He also likes macaroni and cheese. Sadly for him, I have an aversion for macaroni and cheese.