Sweetest cupcake stars of Los Angeles

blubird cafe : danties cupcakes : susiecakes : violet\'s cakes : sprinkles cupcakes los angelesTravel + Leisure magazine published this month an interesting review of 5 cupcake shops in Los Angeles. Each of these old-fashioned American cake shops has something different to offer.

The winners stand out through their recipes, cake decorations and packaging. Here are 5 cupcakes shops that emerge as the place to go.

Bluebird Café

From my research on the Web, the cupcakes of the Bluebird Café in Culver City are delicious. Their Crayola-bright cupcakes are offered in mini sizes. A practical format if you cannot make up your mind or when you set up a dessert table. Located in Culver City, Bluebird Café attracts the movie studio crews.

Since I did not taste in myself, I looked for a second opinion on the Web. I found a review by the food blogger Bree Crocetti of Triplecreme who said in 2006 the following:

I could not resist trying their red velvet cupcake – one of the best I have had. They frosted it with a thin, light, creamy, cream cheese frosting, much like Royal Icing. The cake was a beautiful dark red, baked to perfection. Much better than Susiscakes!

Danties Cupcakes

Winner of the Best of LA 2007 in the cupcake category, the owners of Danties Cupcakes have been serving cupcakes to their catering clients for the past six years. Danties Cupcakes is their shop dedicated to cupcakes. They do not use sugar icing; instead, they decorate with whipped cream.

Bree of Triplecreme added a taste of the cupcakes at Danties and she said:

Danties has two things going for them: a smart little box with a level of holes the cupcakes fit in, preventing them from sliding around, and their cupcakes are unlike the others on the market.


A shot of frosting goes inside the cupcakes at SusieCakes. Called Susie’s Signature Frosting Filled Cupcakes, it is available in regular format or the bite size.

Their Red Velvet Cake outsells any other cakes 5 to 1. Every day, SusieCakes makes 11 flavors of cupcakes. Naturally, the Red Velvet is their most popular. Other winners are their chocolate cupcake with a mint frosting, a chocolate frosting or a peanut butter frosting.

To get a better idea of the place, watch this TV report hosted by Marisa Petroro for Canal 22 Los Angeles. With Sprinkles Cupcakes, SusieCakes is my favorite. The owner Susie Sarich seems so sweet.

Violet’s Cakes

This shop was the dream of Denise Weber. Some of her cupcake recipes originate from her grandmothers; although she altered them. Violet’s Cakes is open five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday. The selection of thirteen flavors changes daily.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I talked about Sprinkles Cupcakes before. I love this brand for the clean, modern design of their store and their cupcakes. Basically, Sprinkles Cupcakes fits more into my style than some of the overly old-fashioned cupcakes bakery.

What do you think?

Since I did not hold a tasting session myself, I would have to hear your thoughts about any of these 5 brands? Did Travel + Leisure select the best ones in Los Angeles?

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