Sweet Paul Magazine: Spring 2011 edition

sweet paul magazine spring 2011 kids

sweet paul magazine spring 2011 kids

Sweet Paul magazine is never short on inspiration and the spring issue doesn’t disappoint, with a special focus on DIY projects, shops and food created with kids in mind. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cupcakes On A Stick (above)

As if cupcakes couldn’t get cuter, Paul topped skewers with miniature cakes to create a decorative and delicious bouquet (page 46).

Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms

This seaside circus-themed bedroom is a triumph of imagination and functionality. Reclaimed wood throughout the room gives a nod to bygone boardwalk days. With space to stash toys, books and extra blankets, the “store and spin” ferris wheel-inspired storage system puts modular storage to shame! (page 32)

sweet paul magazine spring kids bedroom

Play With Your Food

Forget candy necklaces: the bread and tomato necklace is this season’s tasty, healthier alternative. The Play With Your Food feature is filled with clever ways to encourage little ones to play with their food, including puzzle sandwiches, fried rice boats and mini pies on a stick. These would be fantastic options for birthday parties or play dates. (page 98)

sweet paul magazine spring food

In The Box

It never fails: kids unwrap a great gift and find more fun playing with the box than the toy. That’s the inspiration behind these upcycled cardboard box projects: a rocket ship, a doll’s house, a dog and more. These projects would be an awesome way to teach kids about reducing waste by recycling and reusing materials. (page 78)

sweet paul spring issue cardboard box

There are so many sweet things to love in this issue of Sweet Paul. Check out the complete edition for project instructions, recipes and how tos!

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