Superb kitchen linens by Scandinavian design company Form & Design

Tendy prints kitchen linens by Form & Design

I am showing you more Scandinavian works of art today. While seeking more tea towel inspirations, I was pleased to discover the trendy modern prints of Swedish designer Ulrika Elofsson. I really like her style.

Her prints display beautiful hues. The latest blue petrol looks amazing. Form & Design product lines revolved around many shapes of greens, black, reds and browns.

Coordinated products will please people who like to display tea towels and dish cloths in their kitchen. Matching cushion covers, table runners, serviettes, lamp shades and trays are available. Form & Design also sells their print patterns as fabric by the meter and ready-made curtain panels.

How to use coordinated products to achieve the best kitchen décor look?

You need to be clever when you are using a kit collection so you are not over doing it. Too much of the same things look boring, drab. I suggest you bring solid color items to break out the patterns, add contrasting colors and create excitement with a conservation piece.

Each pattern at Form & Design is available in three colors that go together. For a touch of diversity, you can opt for white pattern on color fabric and vice versa. One simple way to look less like a kit is to select two colors and design your décor around them.

Bloom tea towels dish cloths trays table runners and lamp shade by Ulrika Elofsson

Setting ideas for when you have people over

The trays are a nice addition that we do not see often. If you are having a party, you can lay the runner on your table. Use the matching trays to serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Group the bar accessories or liquor bottles on a tray if you setup a temporary bar station. Organized grouping always looks more stylish.

For a buffet table, make a napkin basket with white and green serviettes, a group of plain white serviettes and a group of plain green serviettes. Randomly alternate the three groups in the basket for a casual look. For a more stylish look, layout three white paper low boxes side by side. Single out each serviette group in its own tray.

The only sad thing about Form & Design is that I find no retailer listing on their Web site. I assume there is none in North America. I just sent an email to Ulrika at Form & Design so hopefully I can tell you more soon.

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