Sunday Brunch Birthday Party at Bouchon Bakery Café | Real-life Party

sunday brunch party at bouchon cafe in nyc

I am glad that Wanwisa of Modern Vintage submitted her birthday party for my real-life party column. She planned an original party. She set the tone by hosting a Sunday brunch with 16 guests. A brunch is less predictable than a dinner party. And lunchtime is best for business meal or meeting your girlfriends.

Wanwisa selected Bouchon Bakery and Café in New York to host her event. It has the right amount of French bistro feel. This will be heaven for me since I cannot resist French pastries. The Bouchon French Toast sounds divine.

modern vintage\'s macaron croque en bouche and birthday\'s menu card at bouchon bakery cafe

Her Macaron Croque en bouche is memorable. It took 110 macarons to do this montage. From her dessert menu, the Hibiscus macaron flavor with a dark chocolate ganache filling would be my first choice. The Milk and Cookie concept was presented with a side of ice cream parfait served in tiny mugs.

She designed not only a remarkable invitation but she extended the concept to the menu card. She even ordered her custom monogrammed labels at Pink Design on etsy. She used it to close the menu card. A very stylish idea!

Visit Modern Vintage for more about Wanwisa’s brunch birthday party and the making of her invites and menu cards. It is a coincidence that I booked a lunch for tomorrow at Olive and Gourmando in Old Montreal. It is just in time because I am craving now for fabulous breads and homemade soups.

+ Via Modern Vintage