Stylish Fruit Pastry Skewers by Fou de goût

stylish fruit pastry skewers by fou de gout

I wish the fruity fine pastry skewers by Fou de goût were available in Canada. They would be awesome for the dessert table I am preparing for my husband’s 40th birthday party. Can you believe that these marvelous fruit pastries are available at the frozen counters at Monoprix?

Once again, it shows the big gap in the level of the products available at the typical grocers in France and what we get in North America. In both countries, people are challenged with time. There is also a need for frozen upscale food here. Imagine how it would simplify your life to keep superbly presented fine desserts in ready to use portions on your freezer. Inviting guests at the last minute would not be as stressful.

Let’s hope Fou de goût cross the Atlantic in a near future. In the meantime, you can steal the design when you bake your own pastry.

+ photos: Fou de goût

  • Kreavie
    October 29, 2009 at 04:30

    Wow! These colorful skewer cakes are really beautiful! ( by @kimvallee )

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