Stylish and Unique Tableware for Entertaining

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From a plantation-grown acacia wood appetizer set to a gourmet set that emerged from a Scandinavian egg holder, you get a diversity of styles in serving ware.

These plates, bowls and platters create an instant atmosphere. Serving ware are your best helpers for easy stylish entertaining.

Plint and Plint Gourmet

Designed by Bent Krebs for Skagerak Denmark, Plint is a range of multi-purpose square pots while Plint Gourmet hosts one or two round bowls in a wood stand. I would like to get Plint even if it is only to recycle the way fresh vegetables are served with Plint.

Bamboo Mingle Plates

What I like the most about the bamboo Wine & Hors d’oeuvres round trays is the edge which keep the food inside even when you mingle around the room.

Tonfisk MAKU collection

MAKU by Tonfisk is a range of wooden serving plates and ceramic dishes available in three sizes. The modular design means that you can mix the arrangement of the ceramic dishes. Save space on your cupboards and on the buffet table by stacking the unused dishes. I introduced Tonfisk earlier. They are the maker of the Newton sugar and milk set.

+ Acacia Platter/Appetizer Plate at Crate and Barrel – price: $4.95 – $14.95 USD
+ Skagerak of Denmark Plint Gourmet Set at nestliving– price: $29 USD small, $39 large
+ Skagerak of Denmark Plint 3 container set at nestliving – price: $69 USD
+ Wine & Hors D’oeuvres Trays at Viva Terra – price: $85 USD for a set of 4
+ Tonfisk MAKU Serving Gift Set at nestliving – price: $109 USD medium set, $189 larget set