Stunning Halloween Decor Ideas

lifesize skeletons for Halloween

It is that time again. Halloween’s boost in popularity may be due to the fact that it so fun to decorate. It is easy to imagine awesome theatrical scenes for Halloween. Kids and adults are fascinated by it.

I find that it is simpler if you start by looking at what is available as props for Halloween. Stores carry plenty of amazing spooky items. One of these stores with a great Halloween collection is Grandinroad. They also carry a Martha Stewart line.

Their elaborate styled pictures are to die for. Look at their pictures as a starting point. Adapt their ideas to your home or party theme. You want to put your personal touch.

Spooky Decor Ideas

Life-size skeletons are practical. Buy one suitable for indoor and outdoor usages. You can hang them from the ceiling, pose them in a chair, gather a few on the floor with rats, or let them drape eerily from a tree limb.

To be greeted by a group of owls at the front door should indicate to your guests that they are entering a mystery zone. An owl can also guard the bar station.

Ancient British Theme

ancient british Halloween props

Do not be afraid to experiment. Halloween is more than the pumpkins and old witches. You can go werewolves, vampires and used ancient decor ideas. I really like the headless 6 feet tall horseman. A motion sensor activates the sound of the thundering hooves and frightful neighing of his steed.

Old meets New

outdoor halloween decorations

If you do not wish to buy an entrance sign, you can built an old looking sign with wood and paint. The shadows of a spooky tree creates a nice ambiance at night. This 51-inch tall three-dimensional tree feels more modern. It still goes well against old gravestones.

+ Life-size Halloween Skeleton $79 USD
+ Flickering LED Halloween Candles $59 for 4
+ Crazed Halloween Cat $49
+ Watchful Feathered Halloween Owl $29 in white or black
+ Motion Activated Headless Horseman $559
+ Ancient British Halloween Crosses $49 – $79
+ Haunted Mansion Sign $49
+ Three-dimensional Spooky Halloween Tree $149

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