Student Bedroom and Dorm Decor Inspirations

student bedroom inspirations at ikea and target

Students will soon be headed back to school. For College and University students, it is time to start thinking about decorating the dorm or the apartment they will share with roommates.

Students or their parents do not wish to spend a fortune on furniture and accessories. Therefore, IKEA and Target are two great sources for furniture, bedding and storage solutions

At Target

I prefer generally the bed linens and bedrooms styled by Target for the 2008 College Happy Together campaign.

You can create a privacy screen with Sami Hayek graphic tapestry. Do not miss the Girls Total Dorm and Guys Total Dorm to see the extent of things you need. It is a quick way to make a list.


The first bedroom is named Create More Space in the Bedroom inspiration section. Look at the clever storage solutions and how they try to maximize the vertical spaces.

The second bedroom is tailored towards the youth market. There is too many neon colors for my taste. But I appreciate the orange and white ANDREA KAKEL quilt cover and pillowcase.

The adjustable DAVE Laptop table is now available in blue. DAVE is adjustable in height and the angle of inclination of table top. Both adjustments come handy when sitting on a couch or the bed.

I am sad to report that IKEA still charges Canadians up to 20% more than the prices in the United States.

+ Sami Hayek for Target Floral Tapestry in pink and gray – price: $19.99 USD
+ 08 College Catalogue at Target
+ DAVE Laptop table in blue, black or white – price: $24.99 USD
+ ANDREA KAKEL Twin Quilt cover and pillowcase – price: $14.99 USD

+ DAVE Laptop table in blue or white – price: $29.99 CAD
+ ANDREA KAKEL Quilt cover and pillowcases – price: $19.99 CAD for twin, $34.99 CAD for king

  • maddie
    August 16, 2010 at 14:51

    I love the bedspread in the picture in the bottom left corner! (The orange and yellow one) Where is that from?!

  • Kim Vallee
    August 17, 2010 at 06:01

    Maddie, it’s from IKEA!