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Stock Plans for Affordable Modern Architecture Houses

hiller residence and parr residence by architect michael p johnson

I dream of living in a fabulous modern architecture like those but their high construction prices are a show stopper. But not for long. A renowned modern architect came up with a money saving solution that does not give up on style.

Can you believe that you can buy the plans for a studio house with 2 bedrooms and a 2-car garage designed by renowned architect Michael P. Johnson for $1000? He aims to offer two designs per year with the construction cost starting as low as $100 per square feet. All of the cabinetry shown on the plans, including kitchen cabinets and closets, are from IKEA to lower the costs.

$1000 stock plan 1470 by michael p johnson

You receive five complete sets of contract documents for $1000. You will need to hire a local engineer to make sure the structure complies with the regulations in your area.

Stock Plan 1470 is the first available design. It was introduced in September 2008 (2010 update: no longer available). This plan features a large living, dining and kitchen, two bedroom suites (each with full bath and closet area), laundry room and 2-car garage.

To give you an idea of the talent of this architect with 50 years of experience, I selected two of his custom made residences. The Hiller residence in Water Park, Colorado was built in 2005. The Parr residence in Shelter Island, New York was built in 2007. See the top and bottom pictures.

kitchen of the hiller residence and parr residence by architect michael p johnson

+ Images from Michael P. Johnson design studio
+ Via Materialicious

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