Start planning how to celebrate Canada Day with tips from HGTV.ca newsletter

Citrus Salted BC Sablefish with Chanterelles and Smoked Salmon Risotto Cakes by Robert ClarkeI told you earlier about my participation on a Canada Day Bash Profile written by Nadine Anglin for the Web site of HGTV Canada. The Canada Day Parties newsletter edition reached my inbox this morning.

You also get a Canada Day party menu that was prepared by the foodtv.ca Editorial Team. You will find the recipes on Food TV Canada Web site.

I will let you discover the complete Canada Day menu. The recipes are all great so take a look. But I cannot wait to tell me my preferences.

My Menu Suggestion

I will start with the Ahi Tuna Sashimi and Green Papaya Salad with Chile-Lime Dressing by Vancouver-based Lumière Restaurant chef Rob Feenie.

For the main course, I selected a recipe created by Robert Clark from C Restaurant in Vancouver. The Citrus Salted BC Sablefish with Chanterelles and Smoked Salmon Risotto Cakes looks absolutely delicious. Christine Cushing made the recipe in the Fish episode of her TV show Christine Cushing Live.

The Herb Crusted Ontario Rack of Lamb served with Whipped Potatoes and Blueberry Mustard, also from Christine Cushing Live, is a good option if you prefer a meat dish.

Since I am crazy with blueberries, I will finish with the Wild Blueberry Flan by Elizabeth Baird. I would prepare the filling of the flan with small local fresh blueberries instead of the frozen ones. The small blueberries taste the best because their small size concentrates the savor.

I hope you get fun celebrating Canada Day in style with your friends and family. For readers outside Canada, you got a little help in planning a nice dinner event.

+ Check out HGTV.ca’s Easy Ideas for Canada Day Parties, Plus: A Great New Interactive Tool for Gardeners – You get a link at the end if you like to subscribe
+ Party Profile: Canada Day by Nadine Anglin on HGTV.ca
+ Canada Day recipes selected by the foodtv.ca editorial team
+ Photo credit: foodtv.ca

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