Stainless Steel Snack Bowls and Cats

stainless steel snack bowls

It is fun when you discover new usages for every day objects. Take these modern snack bowls, for example.  A cat owner bought two stainless steel snacks at CB2 to feed and serve water to her cats. At last, you could get affordable cat bowls that you will not want to hide in a corner of your apartment. And I think that your cat will make less mess than with the traditional flat hole bowls due to the slopped shape.

stainless steel snack bowls used as cat bowls

If you prefer to stick to their original usage, a buyer commented on the CB2 Web site that she uses the larger one to serve pistachios and the mini bowls for the discarded shells.

+ USA:  Stainless steel snack bowls at CB2, $19.95 USD, mini at $10.95
+ Canada: Stainless steel snack bowls at CB2, 24.95 CAD, mini at $12.95
+  Cat bowls from Modern Cat

  • mycatsp
    February 24, 2011 at 08:30

    Great idea. I think my cats will love them. Less tipping the bowls.