Spring Flowers by the Flower Council of Holland

easter and spring 2008 flower councilOutstanding flower arrangements fill a room or a table with elegance. The Flower Council of Holland Web site is always a good source of inspiration for floral trends.

What is hot for Spring 2008?

Design trends are global. Floral arrangements follow what we are seeing in fashion and home decor. Grey, whites and happy colors steal the show.

The excellent blog ROOM and Serve showcased yesterday four amazing Easter bouquets. I am showing two of them. The rest are from the Spring 2008 photo gallery. A series of bouquets shows that white provides energy. They are all impressive and inspiring.

Finally, I hold a prejudice against carnations. But looking at these fashionable pink, lilac and green carnation installations, I may have to agree that carnations are in vogue. Look at the step by step instructions to reproduce this sophisticated presentation.

Learn more: Flower Council of Holland
Via: Inreda med ägg till påsken on ROOM and Serve

  • sarah
    March 24, 2009 at 00:28

    I think the flowers from the Flower Council of Holland would make lovely arrangements for a brunch event. Not only are the arrangements scupltural and colourful, they are also simple in their own right and do not look too ornate.

    Beautiful photos.

  • angie apostol
    August 14, 2009 at 05:43

    ..i am from phils….i am a florist—-for God alone….I really appreciate the arrangements….i wish i could do all of this..and be engaged in a flower company…i do love flowers…God bless,,,,!