Spring Cleaning Tips for my Eco-Friendly Tuesday

Starting now, every Tuesday I will write about how green products and green living can improve our life.

method all-surface cleaning products

+ I am a fan of the Method Cleaning products. The Method cleaners are not only green, the all-surface cleaner is efficient plus it looks and smells good.

bigbelly :: solar-powered self-triggered trash compacter trash receptacle

+ The second item I am showing you may seem strange on my blog. But I select it because it can improve the life and cleanliness of our cities. It is almost spring cleaning time after all. How well we live in our city is a key element of my stylish living philosophy.

BigBelly is the first compacting trash receptacle powered by the sun. One big advantage of the BigBelly trash bin is its self-powered, solar-powered trash compacter. The bin can store 5 times more trash. This eliminates 80% of the collection trips.

The solar panels are super effective. The solar panels run without direct sunlight and in any climate. Therefore, it can run anywhere. I want to see BigBelly all over Montreal. We are in need for better, clever trashcans. It is stupid to waste all this time and energy in trash collecting.

+ I read on Method’s blog that you should make sure when you put back your gas cap to hear at least 3 clicks. Believe it or not, if your gas cap is completely tight, it results in evaporated gas over time. At the current gas price, developing this habit is best for the environment and your wallet.

  • eliane
    March 11, 2009 at 09:32

    Excellente initiative! J’attendrai la chronique verte du jeudi avecimpatience!