Spheric by Mumm for a Luxurious Holiday Party

spheric by mumm

We will only admire this contemporary item from far. I show you the pictures because each Spheric by Mumm sets the tone for a Holiday table.

What it is?

For the 2008 Holiday season, FX Balléry Design imagined 5 giant Murano glass bubbles to symbolize unique Christmas baubles. Inside each blown glass ball rests a G.H Mumm Champagne bottle.

Five declinations of Champagne are featured: Mumm demi-sec, Mumm Grand Cru, Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge, 1999 Mumm Cordon Rouge, Mumm Rosé.

spheric by mumm tablescape

Since November, Spheric by Mumm are available at La Grande épicerie de Paris. One bubble costs 3,500 ?. The rich collector can acquire the 5 bubbles for 17,500 ?. I will pass for this year.

+ Spheric by Mumm on FX Ballery