Sparkling Pendant Lamps and Chandeliers | Quick Review of IDS09

Gorgeous light fixtures often become the focal point. Have a look at four lamps that will make a lasting impression.

pendant lamps

+ Pendant lights were amazing in several kiosks. These two fixtures caught my eyes.

purple lamp at ma-zone

+ The purple lamp, available in two tones, is available at ma-zone in Toronto. Sadly, their Web site is not up to date and does not describe their products.

kristaller 3-armed chandelier at ikea

+ The 3-armed Kristaller is an affordable chandelier by IKEA. They appear to be gold (I think they were) but I only find a silver chandelier on the IKEA Web site. I prefer the design of the 3 arms to the design of the 7 arms. 3-armed $59.99, 7-armed $99.99 CAD