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Solid Poetry Reveals Patterns on Wet Concrete

solid poetry patterns in wet concrete

solid poetry patterns in wet concrete

I have to warn you, seeing this material will make you wish that it rains or snows more often. What happens is that moisture on the concrete pavements hits a certain level, a pattern is revealed. It is so cool and beautiful!

Solid Poetry is the result of a student project done in 2004 by Susanne Happle and Frederik Molenschot. Susanne got the idea while she walked on the street and admired the fall leaves on the sidewalks. The possible applications of Solid Poetry are various.

solid poetry applications for a concrete desk and a lavabo

At home, it can turn a sink or lavabo into a conversation piece. Other applications are for the shower, on a concrete deck or around the pool. They even dreamed of a skyscraper made out of this material. If someday a corporation decides to build a building that reacts to moisture, it will certainly become an attraction and enhance the city view.

As far as I know, this innovative material is available through the Dutch company Terratorium. Be careful since that information is dated from 2006. So, it may or may not be on the market. Let’s hope, I inspire others to add fun effects to building materials.

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  • Marie @ M2JL STUDIO
    November 1, 2010 at 19:06

    I LOVE this!! It would look great on concrete buildings downtown.