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shaded terraces :: cookie jars :: creatiive packaging :: cake jewelry

A compilation of beautiful sun shading structures for outdoor entertaining spaces was the subject of Terassliv att drömma om, a post on Purple Area. You will enjoy a pure moment of pleasure by looking at these dreamy outdoor rooms.

Cookie Jars is an easy to do and inexpensive party favor or hostess gift done by Jordan of Oh Happy Days. She used the SÖTA glass jars with lid from Ikea. Each year, my husband and I bring our homemade cookies to our friends and family members where we are invited during Christmas time. We update the jar style every year; something it is glassware, sometimes it is stainless steel. This year, who knows?

Gift wrapping inspirations from a Flickr group called Nice Package! is worth a visit. Ever since I started buying on etsy and from handmade sellers, I am always impressed by the attention to details of their package. A handwritten thank you note and sometimes a little giveaway arrived in your package. The group was an initiative started by the girl behind of Creature Comforts blog. Do not miss this great source of creative ideas for packaging.

Having you ever taught of putting jewelry on your cake? Now it is possible with Bride 2 Bead jewelry collection for cake, flowers and yourself. The collection is designed by Jessie Thomas. I saw this on Brides In the City blog.

Take a look: Nice Package! group on Flickr
For Americans: SÖTA glass jar with lid at Ikea
For Canadians: SÖTA glass jar with lid at Ikea
Learn more: Web site of Bride 2 Bead

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    The art of crafting labels for hostess gifts and party favors