Slowcooker by Margriet Foolen for Royal VKB

Margriet Foolen's slowcooker for Royal VKB

Margriet Foolen has freshen up the tagine like no one did before. The Slowcooker she designed for Royal VKB is a mix between the traditional Moroccan tagine and the Dutch stewing pot. It rustic and modern at the same time.

one pot meal slowcooker by royal vkb

It is made of two interlocking bowls that can be turned upside down at will. You put the food in the bowl that fits the best the amount of food you need. I feel it is a cookware that fits the lifestyle of singles or couples. Use the white lid if you cook for one. If you cook for 2 or 3 persons, put the food in the big terracotta bowl instead. Then, use 2 or 3 slowcookers when you cook for a larger group.

Margriet imagined a design that simplifies our life. The top and bottom silicone rings protect your table from the heat of the hot cooker. The coolest feature is that you can cook the dish and eat it from the same pot. The glazed white lid can act as a plate for one. It’s perfect if you do not like to do the dishes or if you live in a small place.

royal vkb slowcooker designed by dutch designer margriet foolen

Lastly, the slowcooker also promotes healthy eating habits. Before cooking, immerse the big terracotta bowl to capture the moisture. Doing so reduces, when it not eliminates, the need to add oil or fat to your dish. I would still add a little bit of oil for taste.

The slowcooker is in nomination for the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010 in the Best Domestic Design category. It also won a red dot Award (product design 2008). Here are more Royal VKB products that I like.

+ Slowcooker for Royal VKB designed by Margriet Foolen $64 USD at A+R Store
+ photo: Wallpaper

  • madl
    August 16, 2011 at 09:51

    Dear Kim,

    I have bought the royal VKB slowcooker which is great, except that it comes with only 5 recipes. were you able to find other recipes or to recommend recipes that work with this product and indicates cooking time?

    thanks a lot