Slick Housewares by Simplehuman

housewares by simplehuman as housewarming giftsDoing a major kitchen renovation or buying a brand new house is the right moment to update your kitchen accessories not just the big appliances.

After all you just paid a fortune to redo your kitchen. Why spoil your new design with old, mix-matched housewares?

Buying these new gears can add up so why not give beautiful kitchen gears and accessories as a housewarming gift? Make a pool to buy a collection of items or try to coordinate the purchases with your friends to buy gifts that complement each others.

One company that offers slick housewares is Simplehuman of Los Angeles, California. Simplehuman concentrates its energy in making efficient products that are affordable.

Four housewarming gift ideas

The new Steel Frame Dishrack has unique features like a bamboo knife block, a pivoting spout to direct water into the sink, flip-out cup holders, and an extendable drip tray. Naturally, a fingerprint-proof coating was applied to the steel dishrack. In fact, most of their collection has a fingerprint-proof finish.

If you have a friend that look gadgets, the latest Sensor Soap Pump is the right gift for them.

The Utensil Holder stores both small and large utensils, and a removable, dishwasher safe spoon rest integrated into the unit.

Opting for a slim trash can with a twin buckets is a great option not only in small spaces. I disliked the idea of placing the trash can in the kitchen cabinets. It is a question of hygiene. So I prefer a standalone unit. The Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Recycler is pretty and does not take a lot of floor space. It has one bucket for the trash and the other for recycling. The name butterfly came from the opening mechanism.

Simplehuman has a blog. Since I am relatively new to the SMS, I taught their omg, text terms r gr8! was useful. ttyl – i.e., talk to you later

+ steel frame dishrack – price: $69.99 USD
+ utensil holder – price: $24.99 USD
+ sensor soap pump – price: $39.99 USD
+ fingerprint-proof butterfly recycler – price: $189.99 USD