Sliced Bread Notebook and My Love for Notebooks

sliced bread notebook

sliced bread notebook packaging

Packaging is often used to differentiate a standardized product from its competition. And this is exactly what Burak Kaynak tried to do when they bundled 12 notebooks and packaged it as a (too short) loaf of bread. I must say that the analogy would have been more successful if the box was standing on the side, like a real bread bag.

sliced bread notebook

The pack contains 12 notebooks so that you can have one for each month of the year. The notebooks are numbered 1 to 12 to help you distinguish them.

Nonetheless, I share it because I love receiving notebooks. I buy several ones every year of different formats, lined and unlined, thin and thicks. I always carry a notebook in my purse to write down my ideas, manage projects and for making lists or simply keeping notes. Keep that and these in mind if you need to buy a gift for a friend who likes taking notes about everything.

+ Sliced Bread Notebook on sale at $39.99 USD at PUKKA/DANK
+ via @designsponge

  • Julie
    January 7, 2012 at 10:33

    In my unorganized life I have mostly moved from notebooks to using the notes section on my iphone. It is always with me, one less piece of paper to carry around/loose, etc.