Six amazing housewarming gift ideas

cookbook stand : glass domes : napkin rings : condiment set : home accessoriesI suggest housewarming gifts, but you could tag those suggestions for Valentine’s Day or any occasions of the year. In fact, I suspected you may go and buy those for yourself.

Cookbook Stand

Once you used a well-designed cookbook stand, you wonder how you lived so long without one. Besides its look, I am craving for the weighted chains to keep the pages in place. From experience I can tell you that with a thick cookbook, the bar at the bottom are not enough.

The Architectural Cookbook Stand is more suitable for a larger kitchen. If the style harmonizes well with the recipient’s kitchen, I am telling you that you cannot find a better gift for $29.

Glass Domes

Right now, any stylish entertaining scheme involves a few glass domes. We see more and more affordable options. The top right picture shows the 3 models available at Wisteria. They all come with a thin natural stone plate.

I shown you before Christmas how a glass dome keeps your miniature vignette free of dust. Glass domes are suitable for outdoor and indoor entertaining. The most common uses are for keeping cheese, canapés, pastries or cakes fresh and bug free.

Sold without a platter, the model at the bottom gives you freedom to harmonize the tray / plate to your tablescape.

Conversation Pieces

Displaying stylish decorative accessories with a one-of-a-kind look gives personality to a space. I am particularly fond of those vintage Chinese Cake Molds on iron stand. Because these are antiques, sizes and shapes will vary.

The designs on the mooncake molds symbolize longevity, prosperity, or wealth. Mooncakes are a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. But you can still bring those decorative molds to the host of a Chinese New Year party on February 7, 2008.

Table Accessories

You can never have too many sets of elegant napkin rings. For practical reasons, it is best to buy 8 to 12 rings. The Maxfield silver-plated brass napkins rings can be monogrammed.

And the Barona condiment set will announce the style of your cocktail and dinner parties. The tray and four bowls are made of a food-safe aluminum alloy. The surface is hand polished to better reflect candlelight.

Buy online: Architectural Cookbook Stand at Wisteria – price: $29 USD
Buy online: Square Glass Cloche at Wisteria – price: $79 USD
Buy online: Bell Glass Cloche at Wisteria – price: $79 USD
Buy online: Tall Glass Cloche at Wisteria – price: $99 USD
Buy online: Glass Dome at Bodie and Fou – price: £32.50
Buy online: Vintage Chinese Cake Molds at Wisteria – price: $29 USD
Buy online: Maxfield Napkin Rings Set at Pottery Barn – price: $30 USD for 6 rings
Buy online: Barona Square Condiment Set at Pottery Barn – price: $49 USD

  • Jenn
    January 31, 2008 at 15:20

    i love cook book stands. the worst thing is having paper flying about and dirty hands flipping through a cook book cuz you lost the page you wanted!